Exercise the true companion of health :-


The role of exercise can be the most important in avoiding health problems during work from home. Do 30 minutes of exercise and yoga regularly. This increases the circulation of blood in the body, which maintains physical and mental health. You can also do some of the exercises given below during the break in between work.

▪️Stretching :-

Cervical pain and lower back pain and many other problems can be avoided by doing stretching at regular intervals.
Get up regularly from your seat at intervals and stretch. Interlace the fingers of both your hands and stretch both the hands upwards, until you are standing on your toes. Come back to the normal position and slowly rotate your neck in circular motion so that the shoulder muscles get stretched, do this 5 to 10 times.

▪️Exercise for the feet :-

For the exercise of the feet, first of all, spread some pencils on the ground and lift them with your toes. This small exercise will bring great comfort to your feet. Rotate your feet on a tennis ball or rolling pin for a few minutes a day, this will loosen tight muscles and connective tissue.

▪️Arm circle :-

First of all, sit straight and keep the feet straight on the floor. Extend your arms to the side parallel to the floor. Unfold the fingers and make 20 tight circles in each direction. If someone is sitting to your left or right, you can also raise your arms in front or above your head. Do this exercise once a day. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck and upper back.

▪️Lean forward and backward :-

During work from home, it is most important that you sit with your back straight. During this, lift your chin towards the ceiling ie towards the ceiling fan. Due to this, the back of your head will tilt towards the back. Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then come back to the starting position. Whenever you get time while working, repeat this process daily.

▪️Hamstring stretch :-

Lie on your back and raise your right leg. Place your left foot on the floor and then bend the right leg towards you from above. Then try to keep it straight, support your right leg from under your knee with both hands. Hold this position for 15 seconds and repeat with the left leg. Hamstring stretches can help in improving the flexibility of the muscles.

▪️Shavasana :-

Usually, the session of yoga and pranayama is ended with Shavasana. It is a relaxing posture and energizes the mind and the mind. End the 10-minute workout session by lying down in shavasana and breathing slowly and deeply. Give rest to your body.