5 relaxating postures to relieves mental stress along with physical fatigue

5 relaxating postures to relieves mental stress along with physical fatigue

The outbreak of Corona epidemic continues in the country. Corona infection has badly affected not only physical but also mental health. As a simple and effective remedy, here we will know about such yoga activities, whose practice will remove physical fatigue as well as mental stress. People’s disturbed mind will be able to remain calm and sleep will also be good, in keeping the health of self and family healthy, these yoga activities will also provide many other benefits.

Come, let us know about these yoga activities:-

1)Shavasana :- This is the main posture of relaxation. In this, keeping both the hands beside the body, lie down straight on the back. Keep the palms open upwards. Separate the feet a little, so that the distance between them is about 15 inches. Close the eyes to the body completely.Let loose. Let the body lie like a dead body. Let the rhythm happen while breathing normal and feel it coming and going. Now feel the breath going in and then coming out consciously and count it even after doing this for a few minutes, the body and mind will become relaxed and you will feel very relaxed. Do this daily for at least five minutes. Just keep the place lying flat and be mindful of breathing.

2) Makarasana :- In this posture of relaxation, lie flat on your stomach on a flat place. Now raise the head and shoulders with the help of the elbows and rest the chin on the palms. Close the eyes and leave the body completely loose. Now focusing the mind on the breath and start them counting. Stay in this state continuously for some time while taking long deep breaths. Do this exercise daily for at least five minutes. Yes, the longer the duration of this asana, the better will be the results. In this way, do this action whenever you feel the need.

3) Advasana :- Lie down on your stomach with both hands straight in front of your head. Place the forehead on the surface. Release the body completely and make the breathing long, smooth and rhythmic. Now watch the breath coming and going with full concentration and if possible count it. Take long deep breaths. Enjoy being in this state for as long as possible. This posture of relaxation provides relief in many physical and mental diseases including slip disc.

4) Matasya kridasana :- Lie down on your left side. Now by entangiling the fingers, keep both the palms at the head in such a way that the left elbow is close to the up side of head and the right elbow down to the side. Now bend the right leg to the side in such a way that the right elbow can be placed on the right thigh. Keep the left leg straight, leave the body loose. Lie down in this position for as long as possible. Make the breathing long, smooth and rhythmic. Do it here by taking the right side. This situation is similar to that of wormwood fish. This action is very effective in activating the intestines and diagnosing sciatica pain.

5) Yoganidrasana :- In this simple method to relax the body and mind, lie down in shavasana. Leave the body loose and close the eyes with a calm mind. Keep breathing normally. Repeat in the mind that ‘you don’t have to sleep’. Now with concentration start seeing everything around with the eyes of the mind, slowly come inside looking at the door, wall etc. Take a look at each and every thing inside the room. Feel the place where you are lying. Now being aware of your natural breathing, listen to the sound of its coming and going, then look at all the parts of the body one by one with the mind’s eye, from the head to the feet, all the big and small parts. You will find that you are completely calm. Many people really fall asleep while doing this action, while you repeat that you do not sleep. By this action, both body and mind get great rest and you feel good.