Adopting the right method to get higher benefit of yoga


👉While doing yoga, it is important to take care of the correct posture. If your posture is not right, then it can also have a wrong effect. Yoga will be beneficial only when the method is right. Not every posture of yoga is beneficial for everyone. Yoga is effective in fighting many diseases like migraine, heart disease and depression, provided it is done technically.

Advices for doing Yoga :-

▪️If women who have done Caesarean don’t do yoga for 6 months, then it is better. Those who have transplanted an organ, they can do yoga or exercise after a month with the advice of a doctor. Patients of bypass surgery can start pranayama and yoga practice under the supervision of a yoga guru after a month after taking care of food and drink.

▪️Before practicing yoga, definitely check the condition of your body, because there are some diseases in which doing yoga can cause harm. In diseases like ulcer, colitis, hernia, backward bending postures should not be done. Similarly, do not do forward bending postures in diseases like spinal problems, cervical pain, spondylitis. If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, then do not do any yoga with a lot of emphasis. If you have a headache, do not do difficult postures, do not do yoga at all in the state of cold, fever, diarrhea, menstruation. Arthritis patients should not do jumping yoga, under the supervision of a difficult yoga teacher It is proper to do yoga.

▪️The best time to practice yoga is considered to be in the morning, because in the morning we stay empty stomach for at least 6 hours. However, 4 times have been mentioned for the practice of yoga – in the morning, evening, before eating at night, midnight. Sunrise or Brahmamuhurta is considered the best, as the stomach remains light during this time. And after taking sleep, the body is quite relaxed. Doing yoga after defecation etc. gives more benefits.

▪️Do not eat or drink anything before and after half an hour of yoga practice. During this time, the level of heat in the body increases and drinking water causes a rapid drop in the level of heat, which can lead to allergies, colds and flu. If you want to take a bath, take a bath after one hour.

▪️Do yoga practice only on a mat, mat or rug, because energy is released from the body while doing yoga. By doing yoga on the ground, there is a danger of imbalance in the body with the energy of the earth and the energy of the body.

▪️Practice yoga with a happy mind, do not do it under stress. Keep the phone away, don’t talk to each other. Do yoga with a lonely mind. Yoga is more mentally connected, so only doing it with full consciousness can benefit.