How dance is beneficial for body and mind


Dance psychologist Peter Lovett believes that dance is the ‘hidden language of the soul’.

After the arrival of the corona epidemic, there has been a big change in the lifestyle of the people. Even now people are being instructed not to step out of the house without essential work. Living at home, people are finding themselves surrounded by lethargy and sadness. In such a situation, whether grown-up or children, they can join dance for their physical and mental fitness. It is said that by dancing to the sound of music, all the worries get out of the mind. Dance is a great way to get out of negativity.

During the pandemic, a large number of people started dancing while staying at home for their health and hobbies.

Benefits to cardio exercise areas similar to dance:-

Whether you are 80 or eight, you can make a positive difference in your life by incorporating dance into physical activity.

Q) How dance is beneficial for the body and mind?

Ans – These are reasons you should know how dance is beneficial:

• Dancing is also a way to please the mind and soul.

• Dance is a form of exercise, so the physical benefits of dancing are similar to those of other cardio exercises.

• Dancing gives us emotional height due to the increase in the chemical dopamine in the brain. Low levels of dopamine are associated with feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, fatigue, low mood, pain, lack of energy, and mood swings.

• Dancing to music is a great way to overcome negative emotions, it increases the dopamine flow in different parts of the brain, which allows us to overcome negative feelings and go into a euphoric state.

• There are many other health benefits of dance like better mood, less anxiety, and an active mind.

• The physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of dance are endless, so you should incorporate it into your everyday life.
• Dance can help protect people from depression and meet the fitness and mental needs of people of all ages.

When we dance, we activate different parts of our brain which meet fitness and mental needs as when we dance, our hearts move and our hearts pump, our brains vibrate and we feel better.