Measures taken to keep muscle strong and healthy


Often people do not pay much attention to muscle health. This is the reason that by the age of 20, sacropenia ie the process of destruction of muscles starts in most people. Apart from this, problems like muscle pain, strain and cramps keep troubling not only the common people, but also the big players. Recently, many players of the Indian cricket team, which went on a tour of Australia, had to be out of the team due to muscle strain. Know what measures can be taken to keep the muscles healthy and strong.
Muscles are an important structure of our body. Without them we can neither stand nor sit straight, nor can walk. Pain in the muscles is called myalgia in medical language. This pain can occur in any part of the body, because muscle tissue is present in every part of the body, there are mainly two types of muscle pain.

a) Localized muscle pain:-

When muscle pain affects only a few muscles or a particular part of the body, it is called localized muscle pain. This pain can be due to muscle strain, overuse or minor injury.

b) Systemic muscle pain:-

When pain occurs all over the body, it is called systemic muscle pain. This may be due to excessive weakening of the muscles of the body, infection, disease or side effects of medicines.

▪️Role of lifestyle:-

Due to poor lifestyle, the muscles are weakening prematurely, so be physically active, sitting or lying down for a long time reduces the flexibility of the muscles. Do not work more than your capacity, living a hyperactive life plays an important role in making the muscles weak. Avoid insomnia, take 6 to 8 hours of complete sleep.

▪️Diet is important:-

Diet has the biggest impact on muscle health. It is necessary to consume balanced and nutritious food, so that nutrition can be available to the muscles on time. Such food, in which the amount of calories is high, it starts accumulating fat in the body, due to which the muscles start to weaken.Avoid to eat three mega meals a day instead eat six mini meals.

▪️Nutrition along with diet:-

Muscle nutrition with exercise at least 150 minutes of exercise a week is necessary. Regular exercise does not cause muscle contraction and improves blood circulation. Due to this sufficient amount of oxygen reaches the muscles.
The muscles become better and stronger. When you wake up, stretch your muscles. This will increase the circulation of blood throughout your body and prepare your muscles for the activities of the day.