Hunter Dickinson bullied rival Michigan State, then told them about it after every bucket

American college basketball player for the Michigan Wolverines

  • On Tuesday night, there was a Hunter Dickinson concert in Ann Arbor. He scored 33 points and grabbed nine rebounds as the Wolverines beat their rivals, the Michigan State Spartans, 87-60 at home.
  • He knows that the rivalry grows even more intense for this game, and Dickinson is aware of it.
  • Dickinson stated after the game, “That’s the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry.” These are not your pals, you’re being unfriendly out there. There won’t be any hugging and kissing in this game.”
  • All night long, Dickinson posed a challenge for the Spartans. Dickinson was chirping at the Michigan State bench after every bucket and appeared to get under Tom Izzo’s skin a little bit.
  • When asked whether he believed it was helpful in getting Izzo and the Spartans stirred up, Dickinson said, “Absolutely, yeah I did.” In the past, coach Izzo had a lot to say to me, but this time he didn’t say a word to me. I was surprised.” But I’m not going to take it personally,” he said.
  • Although Izzo was angry at Dickinson after the game, the two nonetheless shook hands.
  • As Dickinson put it, “You heard his quote? He’s going to shake hands no matter what,” he said. When he says something, he means it.
  • Phil Martelli is well-aware of Dickinson’s persona and persona culpa, as well. Martelli feels that if Dickinson’s basketball career doesn’t work out, he has a calling in another field.
  • Martelli described him as a “genuine character.” Even if it doesn’t work out for him in basketball, I defy any of you to dispute that he will be a WWE villain.” No, he won’t be a hero, but he will be a bad character in the storey. For WWE, he’ll bring in a lot of revenue.”
  • Whether Dickinson continues to play the villain part in the next two regular season games and in the playoffs, we’ll see if he can help the team win.