Suzuki cool, calm, collected in big-league debut

Seiya Suzuki

Seiya Suzuki
  • Ahead of the season opening on Thursday, Seiya Suzuki stated he wasn’t anxious.
  • In the Cubs’ 5-4 victory against the Brewers on Opening Day, he definitely appeared calm and composed.
  • Suzuki, speaking via interpreter Toy Matsushita, described the experience as “very enjoyable.” To put it another way, “I simply had a good time playing today,” he said.
  • Toshio Suzuki made his MLB debut with a 1-for-2 record with a single, two walks, and an out. He was the 6th hitter and the right fielder.
  • Brewers starter Corbin Burnes, the reigning NL Cy Young Award winner, gave up the single and walked one batter.
  • Hendricks said of Suzuki, “You don’t know what’s going on inside, but he was as calm as could be, it felt like.” “Solid approach, getting to the next person, taking his walks, and putting good swings on good pitches.
  • “I was blown away by his temperament and approach, the way he approached his at-bats, and everything else.”
  • The first time Suzuki took a walk in the majors, he was down 1-2 before getting the free pass and laying off an up-and-down 2-2 cutter that was borderline for a strike.
  • Burnes’ cutter, according to Suzuki, is the most dynamic and powerful pitch he’s ever seen.
  • ‘I’ve come here to push myself,’ Suzuki said. ‘It’s going to lift my game up a notch. “I’m looking forward to what’s to come.”
  • He can anticipate an adjustment period as his familiarity with big-league pitchers increases. He saw the differences between MLB and the NPB in terms of pitching mechanics and sequencing.
  • He did say, though, that his manager has observed a difference in his at-bat performance since spring training.
  • “Doesn’t it seem like he’s gaining more confident with each at-bat?”
  • That’s what David Ross had to say. This is the right moment.” It’s encouraging to see him receive a hit and force some throws from the defence.
  • I have witnessed that he swiftly corrects any swings that he believes are out of time. “It’s not an uncontrolled swing when he does [swing].”
  • As a matter of fact, Suzuki claimed he was most pleased of his two walks on the day he had his maiden big-league hit.
  • In his at-bats, “I’m always aware of simply getting on base,” he added. In terms of achieving my goals, “it’s something that I’m constantly trying to improve on.”
  • Nevertheless, he and his colleagues were ecstatic to have achieved such a feat in his career. When the Cubs won 5-4, Ross stated it was the loudest the dugout had ever gotten.
  • Hendricks commented, “It was fantastic.” “Everyone was very happy to see him when he walked in, praising him and giving him hugs.
  • ‘Awesome moment,’ he said, his face beaming. I’ll never forget this experience. “I’m very confident he won’t.”